Piano Transport

With over 25 years of experience in transporting pianos we offer you the highest quality, service and care of your piano whilst in transit.

We use pneumatic tyred trollies to transport and at least two people.

Pianos are transported in our specialised piano carrying designed Isuzu truck. Note that we only move uprights, not pianola players or grands.

The utmost care is taken also in placing the piano in the family home, particularly on polished floors.

As we are a family business we do not use outside sub contractors and as Stephen is also a qualified piano tuner and technician, this is an extra advantage for people to use our services as tuning can be organised upon delivery as can assessments and general information concerning the piano be given at time of delivery.

Finally, being a pianist for almost 50 years, our main concern is the care of the instrument.

Our transport is not done in haste.

All transport is fully insured.