Considering buying a piano?

Considering buying a piano?

It is very difficult for the average person to select or decide on what piano to buy. The average person can get very differing opinions from:

  • The Piano Teacher
  • The Piano Tuner
  • The salesperson at the Piano Shop
  • The Internet

It can be confusing, but for the experienced piano tuner/ technician ( and accomplished pianist ) it’s not hard at all.

Over the past 20 years I have advised and selected dozens of pianos for people who have requested my services.

I have advised many schools and tested and selected Grand Pianos and uprights, depending on the individual needs and budgets.

Eventually the potential buyer has to have confidence to trust in an experts opinion. So many people who are referred to us are referred by the Piano Teacher.

As an experienced piano tuner, I have seen just about every piano brand there is in all of my customers homes and I can offer knowledgeable advice accordingly.

If you are thinking of buying a piano, and don’t know what to look out for or where to start, call us, before you potentially make an expensive mistake by buying your piano from a guy like this!

Please share with us your story of buying your piano.